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What’s a team?

What is a team? In the traditional sense, a team is a group of indivdual that either pay or get paid to play on the same sports team. For most people, that is what first comes to mind when they hear “team”.  Well, there is a lot more to team than just playing the same sport. Teams exist in business, in life, and in relationships.

In sports, having a team atmosphere can be the ultimate determinate in having success. A group of individuals rarely play well together. They lack chemistry, communication, and cohesion. Hockey teams will miss passes, give the puck away, and look like they have never played before. Basketball teams that lack “team” will throw passes to no one and miss alley-ops.

During most people’s lives they will experience the same issue as above in their professsional lives and personal lives. A job where you feel like you are part of a totem pole is very hard to feel motivated and inspiried. It becomes a true “job”. On the contrary, I have seen many businesses where the “boss” is on the same level as the employees. That scenario seems to work much better when it comes to fostering a team environment. Take that to heart if you are at the top of the totem pole. Create a team environment with common goals, and you will see a much more motivated effort.

Utilizing these ideas in your relationships at home is very helpful as well. Even if you are just “dating”, start to think of your significant other as a teammate vs. two individuals. Selfish thinking about what to do one night out or when to hang out with your partners family or friends is toxic behavior. Using a team approach in relationships can yield amazing results.

Changing your mental thinking can go a long way in business, sports, but, most importantly, life. When you change yourself, people notice. You’ll start to see a change in how people treat and view you.

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