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Being You

This is going to be short. What does it mean to be you? Being you does not mean being what you think is going to be successful or being what others think of you. Being you is truly being who you are, what you are, and what you love every minute of your life.

If you don’t like your voice,  who cares? Record that song or make that video. If you don’t like your stature, who cares? Film that workout or post that “before”. If you are scared to be you, what can you really be in the long run?

It seems like common sense, but being fake can only get you so far. At a certain point, people are going to see you for you. Why not start today? Being yourself is every one’s biggest assets. You’ll be amazed ant what can be done when you decide to make that shift. Happiness comes from within and starting to act this way can be a great starting point.


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Finding A Work Nemesis

A lot of work horror stories start off with someone complaining about their workplace enemy. These types of people can ruin a job and years of some one’s life working in a hostile environment. I have never experienced this, so this will absolutely not be a post in regards to that scenario.

A situation that can be beneficial is finding a work place “nemesis”. By nemesis, I mean someone that motivates you and bring out a competitive spirit. Developing a relationship within an office environment can constantly be the fire underneath your seat to get you going. This can be especially helpful if you happen to work in sales. A lot of sales people have very tangible goals: monthly quotas, year or year goals, month over month goals, etc.

If you can find someone to compete against, you not only have extra motivation to get to those goals, but also extra motivation to drive even further past those goals. In turn, pushing past those goals typically means more commission, more bonuses, more revenue, and more freedom. It is truly a win-win-win. Both sales people get benefits and the company will also benefit from the added revenue.

Things like this can help any one in any company. If you have a sales team of two, talk about these goals and how to push each other. If you have a sales team of 100, find a few that are close to you in numbers and hammer out some great months.  Competition is good; use it to your advantage.

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New Year, New You?

I hope everyone had a great end to 2016 and 2017 is off to a great start.

As 2017 is getting rolling here in the first few weeks, I had a few thoughts on business and personal life. The old adage “new year, new you” always seems to come to the forefront around this time of the year.

Is it a good theory? Yes. Is it always true? No. Should it be an end all, be all mind set? No!

In the professional setting, a lot of people are very successful. That could be in sales, in accounting, as a copywriter, or as a business owner.  If you are successful, do you want to start over every year with a new “you”? I would vote for probably not. Good habits are there for a reason and serve a purpose. I think it is important to do self evaluation to determine what those good habits are. In doing that evaluation, you should quickly realize where you can become a better version of yourself.

Bad habits should stand out really clearly when you do an honest evaluation. What I think is important to take away from doing so, is a fix of those less than ideal tendencies. Imagine the progress you could make in your professional self by getting rid of one bad, time-wasting, or non-productive habit a month.

From a personal mindset, do the same thing. Take a deeper look at how you act in your relationships: intimate, marriage, family.  It is natural to become complacent. Starting the year off with a introspective look at how you act with everyone on a daily level, either professional or personal, can go a long way.

Here to a happy and healthy 2017! Don’t think “new year, new me”; think “new year, better me”.

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Wasted Days

It’s a Friday before a long weekend or a typical Monday. You are sitting at your desk procrastinating, watching the clock, and thinking about what you are going to eat next. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, this is a common occurance for people all of the time. Many people will say “Hey, just snap out of it.” as a solution. Well, that doesn’t work for most people. What I am hoping to do is have you think about what is really happening.

If you have the scenario above happening at work on a Monday, a lot of times it can be 3pm before you realize you have made zero sales calls or sent zero prospecting emails. It’s now 3 o’clock, you think about getting to work, spend 20 minutes getting organized, and you might be lucky to get a productive hour in.

Here’s what you really had happen “today”. You missed out on scheduling meetings and calls for tomorrow. Tomorrow you now have to schedule your week and the week following. Best case scenario, you have a few calls or meetings on Wednesday if people are willing to take a 24 hour turnaround. Probably unrealisitic. Let’s say you get two appointments for Thursday and Friday most likely.  Great. Two appointment week might be a ton for your industry. If that’s the case, you probably went the whole week without any.

So what did taking a mental lapse day really cost you? Three days. Monday “off”, Tuesday is Monday’s work, and Wednesday is blank to repeat Tuesday because you didn’t have anything set.

Ultimately, there are going to be days in which this happens. It’ll be inevitable.  You go on a vacation that you need a vacation from to recover. It happens to everyone. Your goal should be minimize these days because they do cost you more than you realize.

If you think about it this way, hopefully you’ll find it a bit easier to jump start your week or stay focused right before, let’s say….a Labor Day weekend!


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What’s a team?

What is a team? In the traditional sense, a team is a group of indivdual that either pay or get paid to play on the same sports team. For most people, that is what first comes to mind when they hear “team”.  Well, there is a lot more to team than just playing the same sport. Teams exist in business, in life, and in relationships.

In sports, having a team atmosphere can be the ultimate determinate in having success. A group of individuals rarely play well together. They lack chemistry, communication, and cohesion. Hockey teams will miss passes, give the puck away, and look like they have never played before. Basketball teams that lack “team” will throw passes to no one and miss alley-ops.

During most people’s lives they will experience the same issue as above in their professsional lives and personal lives. A job where you feel like you are part of a totem pole is very hard to feel motivated and inspiried. It becomes a true “job”. On the contrary, I have seen many businesses where the “boss” is on the same level as the employees. That scenario seems to work much better when it comes to fostering a team environment. Take that to heart if you are at the top of the totem pole. Create a team environment with common goals, and you will see a much more motivated effort.

Utilizing these ideas in your relationships at home is very helpful as well. Even if you are just “dating”, start to think of your significant other as a teammate vs. two individuals. Selfish thinking about what to do one night out or when to hang out with your partners family or friends is toxic behavior. Using a team approach in relationships can yield amazing results.

Changing your mental thinking can go a long way in business, sports, but, most importantly, life. When you change yourself, people notice. You’ll start to see a change in how people treat and view you.

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Welcome to MOTIVATE!

Welcome to MOTIVATE!  Our goal is to post consistent articles to help any individual or team refocus and take efforts to the next level.

Our passions include business, team building, sports, fitness, finance, and general life motivation. Keep an eye out for content that relates to one of the above topics and please let us know what you think!

Over time, MOTIVATE strives to be a one-stop shop for both life and professional inspiration. We hope that you find even just one article helpful because to us one smile, one life changed, or even one positive thought provoked is a success.

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