MOTIVATE is a blog designed to help you overcome “the downs” that most experience. We strive to help businesses, teams, managers, coaches, people, or simply anyone needs who needs a “pick me up”. Many of the articles here can help you in your personal, business, or public lives. I understand the up and downs of life. As someone who has worked in both an office setting, owned a business, succeed in sports, failed in sports, lost loved ones, and still has a lot of close family, I will do my best to bring all of my experience to the views and keep a “middle road” approach.

For personal, we focus on financial, relationship, and family motivation. For business, we try to focus on team building, motivation, and ideas on how to better your company.  Overall, we are here to motivate you in everything you do. Not just when you feel down, but even when things are going well!

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